Airbus 380

Practice makes perfect. Practicing is an important part of perfecting your skill. You might spend hours working on a specific movement. How do you determine if you are heading right direction, or wasting time repeating something that is wrong? There should be feedback after practice, and the best person to give feedback is your teacher.

Imagine a plane cruising in auto-pilot mode. Although it is steered to travel in a straight line, it never travel in a perfect straight line. Due to various factors, it will deviate slightly to left/right from time to time. The auto-pilot mechanism constantly detects deviations from path, and make adjustments throughout the flight. This isΒ feedback and adjustment.

After practice session(s), I will demonstrate what I did to teacher. For things I did wrong, I correct it. For things I done right, I continue to improve it. Sometime you might have doubts during practice and there is no one around to ask. Continue working on it and get feedback from your teacher soon. Get feedback frequently, so as not to develop bad habits.

Importance Of Feedback After Practice

Leong Hean Hong

A geek that loves to dance.

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