Achieving perfection

Recently I have started to attend Latin class at Amy Dancesport Centre. After class, I had a casual chat with Y.S. Lee and he talked about moving on instead of getting stuck at achieving perfection.

Some dancers will work hard toward perfecting each step. She does not want to progress to next level (e.g. from bronze to silver, beginner to novice) until she achieves perfection. There is no perfection, as there is no end to perfecting.

Instead, she should continue progressing upward. Certain bronze features are really hard for beginner to master. Learning silver figures, can actually help her in mastering bronze figures. Likewise learning gold figures also help is mastering silver and bronze figures. No matter how far she progresses, she can always work on the basics again. There is no need to get stuck in beginner level forever, move on!

Don’t Get Stuck In Achieving Perfection

Leong Hean Hong

A geek that loves to dance.

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