Rocking Climbing Practice

Sometime you are lazy, sometime you procrastinate. You might be feeling tired after a long day work, having a bad mood, or minor flu. These are not excuses for skipping practice. I will be sharing some hacks to get motivated for dance practice in this article.

Start Simple

Start with something easy/simple. You get demotivated when you work really hard but unable to achieve the result you want. After warm up, start with some simple exercises. Maintain a positive spirit. Move on to harder techniques as you get more confident.

Train With Friends

Train with friends, instead of training alone. People might give up when they feel bored or lonely. When you see others working hard, your guilt might push you to work harder. It doesn’t matter if she is practicing Standard while you work on Latin, sometime you just need some company. Choosing the write friends matters. Good friends motivate and encourage one another. Make sure you are not wasting time chatting and doing non-productive stuffs.

Play Music You Love

Ever had a sudden urge to get up and start dancing when you hear certain music? Play songs that you love, make the process enjoyable.

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Getting Motivated For Dance Practice

Leong Hean Hong

A geek that loves to dance.

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